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  NameSD series generating & dual-use generator
  Product description:

   SD series are of high performance,self-exciting double-use generators specially designed for generating welding seperately,or for welding and modeerately lighting simultaneously.This generator is suited for direct coupling or belt driving with a medium speed petrol or diesel engines,or AC or DC motor
         The output voltage of generator is 230V AC,and that of the welding is no greater than 80 volts,its frequency is either of 50Hz or 60Hz.Other rated voltage can also be designed according to the order.When the double-use set is used for generator with a 5% speed regulation of the prime mover,under a load variation from 0→100% and 100%→0,cosφ1.0,the steady-state voltage regulation rate is not greater than ±5%.As load being suddenly changed,the double-use generator can be rapidly adopted and oprated steadly.When it is used for welding,it has a good characteristic performance for welding current to produce a steadly electric arc thus ensured the quality of welding.
   SD series generator is of drip-proof,axial ventilation type.The construction of its frame with front and rear end cover is of casting iron.On the end cover of the drive end,there installed a set of tapped spigot holes,which can be fitted with a prime mover conveniently.At the same time ,there are two screen mesh plate on the outlets of the driver and the inlets of the nodrive and to provide ample protection to the machine.After removig this screen mash plate at the non drive end,the brushers an sliprings are easy to access.

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Echnical parameters:
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