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  NameTZW-TH series 400HZ Intermediate Frequency Brushless generator
  Product description:

400HZ Intermediate Frequency Brushless generator


this  series 400Hz Midfrequency brushless synchronous generator is specifically designed for AC power station of airport. Its power ranges from 50kw to 150kw. It is always connected with an internal combustion engine to form a 400Hz midfrequency generator set. It is used for asynchronous-current starting up or power-on checking in large scale airplane.


Main Performance Data

1.400Hz Brushless Synchronous Generator
2.5-1000kW, 400Hz, 8-48pole, 100-3600rpm
3.Three or Single Phase
4.State patent

5.Popular model: 30,50,75,90,120,200KW
The product has various output

DBF400Y4Z Motor Generator Set
50/60Hz - 400Hz Frequency Converter (Inductive Type)

** General Introduction **

Environment Conditions

1.Altitude: do not exceed 1000m

2.Cooling air temperature: 258~313K(-15°C~-50°C)

3.Relative air humidity: do not exceed 90%

Note: If environment conditions exceed the scope mentioned-above, please feel free to contact us


General introduction

1.The 400Hz brushless synchronous generator is one member of the medium-frequency generators

2.It is extremely competitive in the generator industry because of the high difficulties in designing and manufacturing

3.The exiguous supplier quantity all around the world

4.The product ranges from 5kW to 1000kW, with pole number ranging from 8-pole to 48-pole depending on the operation speed

5.In this field, we have the widest rating range and the best performance in China
6.All products are designed and produced in compliance with IEC, ISO and most other international brands

7.Most of them are our original designs with no other supplier in China and even in the world


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Echnical parameters:
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